Wonderchef Aluminium Gas Oven Tandoor Duo by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, 4-Pieces, 30cm, Red/Black

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Category: Kitchen housewares

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An Essenza Italiana product Convection method of cooking Professional cooking An Essenza Italiana product Convection method of cooking Professional cooking Prevents odour, smoke and splashing oil 360 Degree Heating: Convection method of cooking where food is cooked by the hot air rotating inside. This saves time, and the food gets cooked from all directions - crisp coating with juicy interiors. ? Professional Cooking: G.O.T. enables you to become a professional chef in a jiffy. Things which could be cooked in a traditional Clay Oven, can now be cooked on your own gas stove. ? Prevents odour, smoke & splashing oil: The G.O.T. is designed to remove fat and grease immediately as it forms which prevents the odour and smoke, and giving you healthy meals and healthy family. From the Manufacturer Wonderchef gas-oven tandoor can be used for food items that are baked as well as those that require direct heat. The rich cherry-red colour of the tandoor brightens up your cooking area. The food cooked in the tandoor is healthy as the process includes getting rid of all the fat and grease as soon as it is formed, by way of which all the smoke and smells are also contained. The benefits of the Wonderchef tandoor also involve an easy maintenance procedure, thus rendering it quick to clean and store. After the elimination of fatty elements from the food, what remains is a healthy and wholesome meal. It drains out all the excess oil from the food and does not take long for the food to cook entirely, thus, saving on time. The tandoor is designed for a long-lasting usage, hence, it is heat proof, wind proof, and at the same time sturdy and well structured. You can make Indian breads like tandoori naan, roti and kulcha or baked goods like cakes, bread, biscuits, or pizza. The cooking surface is designed with a non-stick coating and is 100% food graded. The tandoor becomes an essential in any kitchen with its many advantages, and comes with a tandoori plate, a baking plate, and a glass lid. Wonderchef appliances are selected by chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Product Features Made of Pure virgin Aluminium and weighs 5 kg. Comes with a warranty of one year and can be easily replaced in case of damage or other such issues. The 360 degree cooking ensures completely cooked food as it is done with the help of the hot air surrounding it. The material is heat resistant ensuring a safe experience. Wonderchef Wonderchef Unique Gas Oven Tandoor comes with a Bottom steel tray which fits perfectly on your gas stove. Specially designed non-stick tandoori tray can be used to cook delicious tandoori dishes, while the baking tray can be used to bake cakes, lasagna, muffins, etc. The toughened glass lid traps hot air inside and the patented reflector helps circulate the heat all over the food to ensure even cooking. This creates real, clay tandoor effect on the gas stove at your home, giving a professional touch to your daily cooking. Over 100,000 homes enjoy the benefits of unique Gas Oven Tandoor around the world Natural, Oil-free & Healthy Cooking 3-dimensional Cooking technique helps keep the food crisp from outside & juicy inside Uses Convection Method of cooking, with 360 hot air rotation that saves time & cooks food evenly Odorless cooking with bare minimum oil can be done without emitting smoke. Easy to use & clean Enjoy restaurant-style food at home - Tandoori Roti & Naan, Jacket potatoes, Corn, Shakarkandi, Tandoori Chicken, Kababs & Tikkas, Cup Cakes & Muffins, Idli, Dhokla, Khandvi, Grilled/Tandoori Vegetables & many more tasty & healthy dishes